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Art Mozi Blocks - Ocean S/16

Age 3+. 16 cubes (5 x 5 x 5cm each), 1 guide book & 6 double-sided instruction cards packaged in a plastic box.

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R 950.00

Inspired by the scenes of the ever-changing ocean, this block set incorporates colours of the sky, ocean and clouds into simple geometric patterns of triangle and square. The arrangement possibility is endless. The topic include mathematical concept, image creation, 2D and 3D construction. The similarity of blue colours is good to improve children's colour weakness problem. The blocks especially makes geometry easy and fun. Bringing the Natural elements into table play, the whole series of art blocks display rainbow, sunflowers, ocean, lavender and forest. instruction cards are included in every set to help users enjoy it from simple to challenging levels, and enrich their creativity. There are 5 sets in this series. Each set integrates visual art creative construction, fine motor skills development and mathematical and logical concept. Creative and interactive play help children develop physical and cognitive potentials in a unique fun way. Designed to develop movement, tactile perception, fine motor skills, creative play and interaction. This will result in higher attention, confidence, cognition and emotion.