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Four Magnets Fun Set


R 31.00

Magnets are marvellous, all around us in everything we use.
Each magnet has define directions in which its magnetic field acts.
A magnet attracts various ferrous things like paperclips.
You can test for yourself but don't bring it near to computers, casset tapes, CD's watches etc which are easily damaged by magnetic fields.
This set contains a small Bar Magnet with which you can make an ancient mariner's compass floating on a plastic tray in a saucer of water.
It also contains a Horseshoe Magnet to pick up ferrous objects and items containing iron parts.
With 2 Ring Magnets you can perform amazing anti-gravity effects.
Every magnet has a North and a South Pole, The North Pole of the one magnet attracts the South Pole of another magnet, but repels the North Pole of the other.
The set contains a bar magnet, horseshoe magnet, two ring magnets & some everyday ferrous items to attract.
Experiment and play.