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Classic Tales - Gullivers Travels


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Young minds need constant stimulation, whether in singing, dancing, acting or reading.
Providing a stable, quiet and safe environment helps the child develop their reading skills and comprehends each special moment of the day, through living special adventures, of magic and mystery or indeed new experiences.
These well proven and delightful stories are designed to stimulate the child's fertile imagination, as well as taking them to new "exiting levels" where they can live a life of adventure.
Thereby discovering many exiting tale which will allow them to explore the world from the safety to their bedroom.
To optimise the value of each story tell the story slowly, then loudly, faster and slower, ensuring you capture the true content of the story, as well as the interest of all young listeners and readers.
Develops word skills, reading skills, foundational skills, listening skills and speaking skills.
For ages 8+.