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Book - Dinkie Crack-A-Jack Book 2


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Interesting and challenging brain jogging activities will help develop many vital learning skills. 

Crack the code and plot the picture.
The grid is a 10cmx 10cmsqaure, marked from 1+10 
across 10 rows.
It has 100 points in total.
Each black dot represents a number between 1 
and 100.
Cracking the codes, each picture is made up 14-31 sums.
The activities are graded 
in difficulty.
Start by completing each of the sums.
Remember to do all sums in brackets first. 

Write your answers in the spaces provided.

Once all the codes have been cracked, you can plot your picture on the grip.

When your grid is complete colour your masterpiece.

For ages 7+.

Book 2 is more difficult than Book 1.

Advanced to Expert.

Develops eye-hand coordination, fine motor control, visual motor planning, position and direction, visual closure, part/whole perception.