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Weplay Honey Hills


R 3,150.00

Stemmed from the natural shape of a honeycomb, Honey Hills adopts the concepts of tactile container and turns the paths into challenging routes with different levels of heights. From the stepping game, kids can enhance their motor skills and stabilize the emotions.
Product Features:
A Twin-Hexagon as design concept, contrasted in convex and concave, attachable and stackable to each other for forming creative paths.
A unique container design for users to put any tactile materials they want.
Stepping between convex and concave hexagon allows children to experience shifts of body centre.
Tactile bags are easy for changing the contents and can well keep all the tactile material inside.
Special pattern on the surface not only gives tactile stimulation but also provides anti-slip stability.
A fantastic construction set with a lot of possibilities. use your own creativity to create your own routes.
Play Value:
Convex and concave surface design creates different heights for strengthening children's movement, balance and coordination.
Children can directly participate in building up unique tactile routes by placing their favourite materials for enhancing tactile experience.
By creating various possible routes, children can develop their action planning skills and adaptive motors.
Textured path and the container concept offer different tactile experiences and stimulation.
Twin-Hexagon design maximizes the possibility of creative route arrangement.
For ages 2+. 1 set includes 6x honey hill pieces and 3 Hexagon bags. <?xml:namespace prefix="o" ns="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office"?></o:p>