Lowrider - Large 3-8 years Maximize

Lowrider - Large 3-8 years

Age 3-8. 81 x 53 x 58cm (H)

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The Tilo trike range offers high quality, heavy duty, durable trikes created for maximum strength and comfort and accommodates riders of different sizes and ages. This classic design with improved durability and longevity ensures a smooth, safe and comfortable ride. The lowrider especially support the rider in a chair-type seat, with a frame that is low to the ground and cannot fall over easily. Tilo, the award-winning line of trikes and scooters created for the preschool and consumer markets, is built to support and encourage adventure. High quality features include a powder coated steel frame, high quality steel bearings, safety stops to prevent pinch points, spokeless wheels and full foot pedals. Every design of Tilo Trikes also includes a reinforced seat brace, soft thermoplastic rubber handle grips, solid polyurethane tires and a weather resistant polyethylene seat with back support. Tilo is backed by a five year warranty and meets all the necessary safety standards