Tangram Plastic (1 Set) 7pc Maximize

Tangram Plastic (1 Set) 7pc


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Tangram is 7 Basic geometric shapes, all cut from a single square.
Developed by the 
Chinese many moons ago, Tangram is mentally challenging game with over 6500 different problems to solve. 

Using Tangrams is one of the primary recommendations to improve the mathematical and thinking skills of the children.
It's designed to develop problem solving, logical thinking and 
fine-motor skills.
Tangram offers endless play and creativity possibilities. 

All 7 pieces have to be used to make each design, the 7 pieces are placed next to each other and may not overlap or cover each other.
The Tangram Puzzle consist of 7 pieces, 2 
Large congruent Triangles, 1 Medium congruent Triangle, 2 Small congruent Triangles, 1 Small Square and 1 Parallelogram.
Fun for all ages, 3-99.

This set consist of 1 x Plastic Tangram puzzle (7piece).