Better Builders® Magnets - 6 Emotion Sets (30pc) Maximize

Better Builders® Magnets - 6 Emotion Sets (30pc)

Age 2+. Includes 6 of each: faces, hair, shirts, bodies & shoes. (Full figure approximately 17.5cm High)

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Better Builders® Emotions feature the magnetic fun of the original ball and rod construction toy, but assembled as 6 dramatic play characters. The faces express 6 distinct emotions to which children can relate: happy, sad, angry, surprised, confused, and scared. The ability to recognize and understand these emotions and their association with colours provides invaluable depth to everyday play. Interchange the friction-fit hairstyles, shirts and shoes on the 3 male and 3 female figures, to create new personalities and allow for personal connection to the characters. Interchangeable hairstyles and gender-neutral shirts and shoes. Over-sized plastic rods with grooved grips and embedded magnets are perfect for small hands. Quality steel balls attach as fun faces to create compelling characters. Coordinates with all original Better Builders® sets. Educational Focus: Understanding feelings, encouraging positive expression, verbal and nonverbal communication